St. Bartholomew’s Hospital has led the provision of healthcare in London for almost 900 years. Founded in 1123 by the monk Rahere to give free medical care to the poor of the City of London, there is no other hospital in the country which can begin to match its record of continuous service on the same site. The Great Hall is the central jewel in the crown of this magnificent if yet unrecognised Heritage Site, consisting of the Gatehouse (1703), the Parish Church of St. Bartholomew’s the Less, with its 12th century tower, the remaining three James Gibbs blocks forming the North, East and West Wings built between 1732 and 1769, around a grand Square, with its elegant fountain (1859). Alongside the Gatehouse are some fine Grade II listed Victorian Hardwick buildings.

Photo of the Great Hall © David Butler

This is a list of things:

The Great Hall

Henry VIII Gate

The Fountain

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